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GIS System Integration

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GIS can be a substantial technological investment for a business. Fortunately, GIS also has the ability to be integrated with a number of other corporate technologies including CRM, ERP, BI and ETL tools. Our GIS practice is experienced in this type of integration and is able to provide this expertise as part of an individual project or as part of a wider systems development piece. Some examples of our services include:

  • GIS and BI Integration -  Calling upon our partnerships with SAS and Qlik we are leaders in the integration of geospatial data and analysis with BI reporting tools. Adding maps to your reporting tools allows users to see assets in a geographical context. It also makes patterns in data more apparent and quicker to spot when compared to tables or graphs.

  • GIS and ERP Adding spatial information to your ERP solution can deliver excellent value for money. Some of the applications include:
    •  Locating your resources closer to markets
    •  Optimising your supply chain
    •  Vehicle tracking and route optimisation