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GIS is a powerful and strategically important corporate tool. Adding the power of location to core corporate functions can add great value by making your data easier to understand and inter-relationships more apparent. GI systems can be a significant investment for any business;  with this in mind, it is important that the system is designed, implemented and maintained correctly and the data is continuously updated. This will enable the system to continue to meet the needs of any business and its clients now and into the future. 

Our GIS consultants have experience in designing enterprise-grade corporate GIS solutions in addition to specific GIS consultancy assignments. We are able to provide independent advice on GIS solutions due to our vendor-agnostic position. Our GIS consulting offer includes:

  • Corporate GIS Strategy By considering the organisation as a whole and understanding current and future user profiles we are able to recommend the best approach to implementing or upgrading corporate GIS systems. Our consultants are technical experts in the GIS field and are able to work with your end users and IT staff to ensure that your new or upgraded system is the best option for your business. We are also able to offer subject matter expert support for individual packages of work which may contribute to a wider corporate GIS or IT strategy. These include:
    • User Profiling
    • Requirements gathering and recording
    • System Component Selection
    • High Level System Design
    • Tender response review
  • Spatial Data Management Strategy -  Data is the most important part of any information system; this is especially important for those systems which use location. Our GIS consultants have worked with a range of clients in a variety of sectors including central, local and regional Government, environmental science, utilities, renewable energy, mining and spatial planning, therefore we have an understanding of the data management needs of these businesses and applications. We are also experienced in Master Data Management, INSPIRE regulations and TOGAF enterprise architecture. The practice is also able to call upon experts from the wider B&D group to complement our expertise and add value to your project.
  • System Roadmaps - As a practice we have an awareness of the technical developments from each of the main system vendors and open source solutions, enabling us to assist in the production of roadmaps for geospatial data and system architecture components.