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BI for the Midmarket

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As leader in BI-consultancy and BI-implementation, Business & Decision is your preferred BI-partner so you can concentrate on your core business. Business & Decision contributes to the success of customer projects by driving maximum business performance with a reputation for functional and technological expertise.


The most complete BI platform for the Midmarket


With SAS Smart-BI, Business & Decision offers you the opportunity to install the most complete business intelligence platform on the market in his kind. SAS Smart-BI translates all your data into useful information so you can base critical decisions and insights on reliable information.

With a focus on the Belgian SME (KMO and PME), this solution is the first one that gives a return faster than any other solution. With Smart-BI, the years of enterprise experience of SAS have now finally been converted into a specific platform for SME’s (KMO's and PME's), offering your company the opportunity to grow to the next level.


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