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Our objective: CFO Solutions

Business & Decision Group’s strategy is to globalise offerings at an international level and as such, we have established a “CFO solutions” practice. It consolidates all of the Group’s expertise, skills and knowledge, ranging from consulting to systems integration, operational support, training and change management. Our ultimate goal is to capitalise on this business offering (assets) by cross-referencing it with our industry-specific specialisations, i.e. banking/insurance companies, telecoms, retail & distribution, life sciences, etc.
CFO Solutions aims to provide the Chief Financial Officer with a global offering (CFO Service Offering) that will help them execute their remit (CFO Challenges).

Our Organisation: a network of specialists

The CFO practice is formed of a network of specialists who share skills, knowledge and methodology (best practices). With their rich professional backgrounds and business management experience, CFO solutions practice’s consultants are all passionate about their job which involves:

  • Listening to and understanding the CFO’s requirements
  • Helping diagnose or assess systems and understand related issues
  • Providing expertise and methodology based on professional experience
  • Trying to define, if possible, "quick wins"


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